Bosch Security Systems And Sony Set Up Collaboration For Video Security Business

Bosch Security Systems And Sony Set Up Collaboration For Video Security Business

Recently, Bosch Security Systems and Sony Organization finalized an agreement to set up a business association to work together in the growth and development of advanced systems in the area of video security applications. The deal will be effective at the beginning of 2017, and both organizations are trying to incorporate their technical knowledge to create innovative standards in high-resolution and low light video imaging. With regard to the concluded collaboration, Sony`s video security clients in every market excluding Japan will be offered and supported by the sales and advertising association of Bosch Security Systems. The collaboration is susceptible to authorization by the antitrust officials.

Within the range of the collaboration, Sony will certainly deliver their top knowledge in video image functionality, whereas, Bosch will certainly include a huge pair of strong video analytics at an advantage to analyze information along with creative systems to attain highly effective bit rates and minimal storage specifications. “This collaboration will transform the video security sector because it incorporates the exceptional technical skills and benefits of two top organizations in the field of video security applications.

Customers can flourish from Sony’s superior picture quality, like its 4K alternatives, combined with Bosch’s bit rate management and movie statistics,” says Toru Katsumoto, Deputy Chief Executive of Picture Items and Solutions, Sector Chief executive of Professional Items Group, Sony Corporation. “This exclusive collaboration additionally encourages Bosch’s idea in relation to the internet of things. Video security cams and in particular the information they are accumulating perform a significant part in the further improvement of the internet of things. Gert van Iperen, President of Bosch Security Systems says the video cams could be referred as ‘Eyes of the internet of things.’

Sony’s video security clients will be served and supported by a separate advertising and marketing group within the Bosch Security Techniques company, offering customer care, after-sales support, and training in different languages in over 50 countries worldwide. “The global Bosch Security Techniques company will provide assistance to the devoted advertising and marketing group responsible for Sony-branded items as well as Sony’s clients to grow the business by excellent assistance and support,” says van Iperen. Sony models will continue to develop and manufacture its video security items under its brand.

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