Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless Security Camera Systems

What are Wireless Security Camera Systems?

Wireless Security Camera Systems is a very broad term, that specifically refers to Wireless “IP” Security Camera Systems that uses RF (“Radio Frequency”) Technology in the form of Long Range, Commercial Grade Transmitters and Receivers. This technology can now broadcast ULTRA HD IP Security Camera Video from one site to another using “Line of Sight” to deliver REAL-TIME, ULTRA HD Video Quality Footage for Large Scale Properties. Some examples of this technology are, Large Commercial Sites, Business Commerce Sites, Shopping Plazas, Residential Communities, Apartment Communities, Condominium Buildings, Industrial Sites and so on! The application for this technology is truly endless! 

The days of running cable under the ground in PVC Pipe, cutting up concrete, fighting with water, sand and pressure that eventually erode the wiring to nothingness are all over! Also, the days of having to run cable over 300ft or more and deal with cable limitations, physical obstacles, power or video limitations with long cable runs are also a thing of the past!

With today’s modern technology, you can almost place an IP Wireless Security Camera anywhere to capture and record vital Security footage needed for your facility! 

Now, IP Wireless Security Camera Systems are not a plug and play solution! When installing an IP Wireless Security Camera System, there are many variables to consider in each application and at each site! Each IP Security Camera and each Wireless IP Transmitter and Receiver must be individually programmed and configured to work together and specifically at that site! No two sites are the same! A Professional and most importantly Experienced Security Company with the technical knowledge must implement and install such a complex system in order to have a seamless Security Solution delivered to the customer!

One last and important thing to remember, is that Wireless IP Security Camera Systems are “Wireless Video” Solutions, not Wireless Power! Each IP Wireless Security Camera is installed as what is referred to as a “Wireless Station” that requires a power connection to a standard “110V” or “120V” electrical connection to supply power to all the devices needed to achieve “TRUE” Long Range Wireless Security Camera Footage at a site!

Especially, in critical times where surveillance footage is vital to solving crimes such as theft, burglary, physical assaults, vandalism, trespassing and even murder are applications where “Wireless IP Security Camera Systems” are a necessary must to have implemented at your facility!

Wireless Security
Camera Systems

Before purchasing a Security Camera System for your large facility, please consult with one of our Sales Reps. to advice you if going with an IP Wireless Security Camera System would deliver a better solution to meet ALL of your Security Needs!

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