Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording

What is Cloud Recording?

Cloud Recording is a Remote Online Platform that involves Video and Audio Recording, Video Storage, Video Control and Multiple Video Analytic Features to fully control and manipulate your CCTV IP Security Camera System!

This type of Platform and Service is only available from Professional and Commerical Grade Manufacturers such as Digital Watchdog, Exacq Technologies, Milestone and Turing. These Cloud Recording Platforms only work with Name Brand IP Security Camera Manufacturers in order to deliver only the best possible solutions available for truly important security applications! 

Especially, in critical times where surveillance footage is vital to solving crimes such as theft, burglary, physical assaults, vandalism, trespassing and even murder are applications where Cloud Recording is a necessary must to have implemented at your facility, place of business or organization!

Cloud Recording now contains Advanced Features such as:  

  •  Centralized & Secure Remote Monitoring behind an Encrypted Firewall
  • AI Powered Video Search, People Search, Vehicle Search
  • AI Powered License Plate Search
  • Vehicle of Interest Alerts
  • Instantly share Video Files via text messages
  • Live Stream and Live Share Video Clips and Footage
  • Record & Store Video Footage without a Local NVR or Local Server
  • Record and Store 100% of your Video Footage in the “Cloud”

For the first time in the history of CCTV Security Camera Systems, Cloud Recording Platforms and Services are available with reliable and advanced features that you can rely on!

Customize your Cloud Recording Service!

Before purchasing a Professional Grade Cloud Recording Service or Platform, please consult with one of our Sales Reps. to advice you on the ALL the different options and features available to you!

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