3 Ways Wi-Fi Can Be Hacked

When it comes to modern internet connectivity, Wi-Fi is ubiquitous. Because of this omnipresence of wireless internet technology, more and more computers, tablets, and smartphones are becoming fully adaptable with Wi-Fi.

But while the convenience has certainly increased, so has the vulnerability for most users when it comes to criminals or unsavory characters trying to get access their networks. Given the obvious vulnerability to these systems, having a professionally-encrypted Wi-Fi network is paramount for your home or business.

Failing to Change Factory Defaults

When a new router is built and shipped out to retailers or directly to internet users, these routers come with preset, default passwords. The purpose of this setting is so a new user can easily access and setup the router and then change the password to something proprietary and secure.

These factory default settings are publicly available online and easily accessible. If you fail to change the router passwords from their default settings, you may be leaving your network vulnerable to access from unauthorized users.

Failure to Reduce Your Range

Wi-Fi sappers can’t tap into your Wi-Fi if they can’t access your Wi-Fi in the first place. One of the easiest ways to do this is by reducing your Wi-Fi’s range. The greater the range of access, the more people can attempt to access your Wi-Fi network.

A simple test is to take your computer and walk as far as possible from your router, if it still shows up in “nearby connections,” then that’s as far as anyone else with a wireless access point an see yours. Reduce your Wi-Fi range and you can reduce the odds of unsavory characters getting access to it.

Unencrypted Wi-Fi

Hackers can’t easily access your Wi-Fi network if you protect it with a password. Too often, homeowners leave Wi-Fi accessible because they think it enhances the ease at which they can access it. Having a password doesn’t have to make things complicated. With proper home set-up, you can enjoy an easy-to-remember password that will still allow for easy access and keep hackers away from your precious internet connection.

Simple Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

While the aforementioned mistakes are very common, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind to avoid your Wi-Fi network from ever being accessed by unsavory characters.

While extremely sophisticated hackers can gain access to virtually any network, the average, run-of-the-mill hacker your home or business should be worried about is no match for these simple countermeasures:

  • Always update your devices: Ensuring your devices have the latest firmware will ensure they’re protected from even the most advanced hacking attempts.
  • Remove factory defaults: Always ensure default settings are changed once your network is installed.
  • Professional installation: Always ensure your Wi-Fi network is installed and set up by licensed, professional Wi-Fi technicians.

A Wi-Fi installation technician from Hi-Tech Security can encrypt your Wi-Fi network and keep it safe from hackers, wherever they may be lurking.

Choose a Secure Wi-Fi Set-up from Hi-Tech Security

With over 14 years of serving the South Florida community, let our certified technicians and installers set up your home or business Wi-Fi networks. Our technicians will ensure that your Wi-Fi is secured and only accessible for you and your family. Don’t let hackers or unauthorized users access your Wi-Fi any longer; let us secure it for you.

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