Color at Night Cameras

Color at Night Cameras

What is Color At Night Security Cameras?

For many years, if you owned a Security Camera System, even a Commerical Grade, Name Brand System, the standard in the Security Industry was always a Black and White Night-Vision Video Image. Now, with the current technologies available in the industry TRUE COLOR at NIGHT is finally available! 

This is truly a “Game Changer” in the Security Industry! The ability to view and distinguish Actual Colors at night is AMAZING! Now you can truly SEE and CAPTURE accurate colors of People, Vehicles, Objects, and Belongings in Beautiful 4K ULTRA HD Hi-Definition!

Previously, if a crime took place, which more times than anything, happens at night. You can now view and record COLOR Video Images 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week! The days of poor cloudy, distorted black and white night-vision images are over! You can now rely on your Security Camera System to always capture stunning COLOR 4K ULTRA Hi-Definition Video Images ALL THE TIME!

When deciding on which NEW IP Security Camera System to have installed, make sure you pick Brand Names such as Hikvision, Digital Watchdog and Turing IP Security Cameras that have truly invested in either the “ColorVu” or “Starlight” Technlogies that will allow you to have the modem chipsets built into the Security Camera that will give you TRUE COLOR at NIGHT!

Truly a Day & Night Difference!

Having COLOR at night, not only gives you colors but truly paints a picture of what is actually happening in a recorded video scene! Height, Weight, Depth and Vivid Details are now presented before you for the first time at night! While before, watching black and white video was a complete “GUESSING GAME”! Enter the Future Standard of Security with “COLOR AT NIGHT” IP Security Cameras!

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