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Hi Tech Security, are Certified Security Installers of CDVIHIDHikvisionHoneywellKantechKeyscan, Paxton, Pro Data Key and Suprema Access Control Systems. We specialize in the Custom Installations of Professional Grade Commercial Access Control Systems. We also install and service Access Control Systems for our Commercial Customers in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.
Access Control Systems focus on securing and protecting access to doors, by using Electromagnetic Door Locks called MAG Locks & Door Strikes. These Door Locks are controlled by using PIN Code, Proximity Card, Biometric Readers (Fingerprint Readers) and now even Bluetooth Devices (Such as your Smart Phone!). Depending on the importance of protecting and restricting unauthorized personnel from these secured areas, depends on if you would like to have what is called a “Stand-Alone” or a “Server” Based (Networkable) Access Control System.
A “Stand-Alone” System works well in small applications with one or two doors at a specific location, where the customer can add, edit and delete PIN Codes, Proximity Cards and Finger Print Access directly at each reader. Now, a “Server Based” System allows you to add, edit, delete and run detailed user logs (Time & Attendance) from the software installed on the server from any computer connected on the Network and Now Via the Internet! You can also create “Door Groups” and “Door Schedules”, which can restrict users to having access to a specific door to the exact day or minute specified by the Owner or Administrator of the system. This allows the customer complete access and manipulation to their system via the server all at once instantly and efficiently without even being at the secured area. Also, you can control up to 256 Doors at one specific time.
Utilizing the correct Access Control System is both very important and critical in securing your business! Our company fully customizes an Access Control System to allow the Customer to be able to have Full System Integration with CCTV Security Camera Systems, Intercom Systems, Video Door Phone Systems, Telephone Systems and Fire Alarm Systems.

Features to look for in your Access Control System:

Electronic MAGLOCKs tend to protect entry into doors from unauthorized individuals with great success, due to the fact of being able to protect a door from up to 1200LBS of Pressure. While Door Strikes work great for interior doors or small offices, yet they do not have the same industrial strength as MAG LOCK’s (which are more likely to work in any environment or application.)

For Basic Access Control Security and Protection, Pin Code / Proximity Card Readers work great. They give the customer the option of either or both giving out Pin Codes for accessing a door or going with specific proximity cards. For the Ultimate in Access Control Security with the highest level of security protection to any door, going with Biometric (Fingerprint) Readers is ALWAYS Highly Recommended!

Bluetooth Readers are now available for High Security Applications where a specific Commercial Customer may want to restrict user access into a facility by requiring specific users to have both a specific Encrypted Bluetooth App Enabled with Specific Bluetooth Credentials that will allow you secure access into that facility.

A Stand-Alone System is recommended for basic systems with only a few doors. This feature saves and stores all Pin Code and Proximity Card Information on each reader only. While a Server Based System is for a more sophisticated system that gives the customer the ability to ADD, EDIT and DELETE User’s and User Information (such as Username’s, User Pin Code’s and User Proximity Cards) at will from a Server Based Software Program.
Any Professional Grade Access Control System must have either, if not both a Request To Exit Button and a Motion Activated Request to Exit (REX) Motion Sensor that will automatically release any MAG LOCK or Door Strike installed on any specific door.
Make sure that the Security Company that is installing your Access Control System is both State Licensed and Insured! Access Control Systems are very Important Systems that fall under the guidelines of both National Fire Code (NFPA) Standards & National Electrical Code (NEC) Standards. Not Just any company can install Access Control Systems and must have both the correct Licensing / Insurance and Technical Experience to install in Commerical Grade Applications. Yes, Hi Tech Security is State Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida and is a Certified Low Voltage Electrical Contractor.

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