Wireless Security
Camera Systems

Wireless Security Camera Systems is a very broad term, that specifically refers to Wireless “IP” Security Camera Systems that uses RF (“Radio Frequency”) Technology in the form of Long Range, Commercial Grade Transmitters and Receivers. This technology can now broadcast ULTRA HD IP Security Camera Video from one site to another using “Line of Sight” to deliver REAL-TIME, ULTRA HD Video Quality Footage for Large Scale Properties. 

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition or “LPR” IP Cameras have become a MUST and a Truly Amazing Innovation in Technology for the CCTV Security Camera Industry! 

For many years CCTV Security Camera Footage would only capture “Overview” Footage of a Crime taking place such as basic identification of a vehicle’s Make, Model or even Color. Yet, now with today’s Modern-Day Technology that is available to us, you can now Capture, Database & Catalog ALL License Plates that enter or exit a facility with up to 4K ULTRA HD Video Quality!


For many years, if you owned a Security Camera System, even a Commerical Grade, Name Brand System, the standard in the Security Industry was always a Black and White Night-Vision Video Image. Now, with the current technologies available in the industry TRUE COLOR at NIGHT is finally available!

Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording is a Remote Online Platform that involves Video and Audio Recording, Video Storage, Video Control and Multiple Video Analytic Features to fully control and manipulate your CCTV IP Security Camera System!

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Hi Tech Security offers 24/7 Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services for ALL or our Commerical & Industrial Customers. Our UL Listed Monitoring Station is CSAA Certified as a 5 Diamond Rated Central Monitoring Station with Certified and Trained Operators.


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