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What is Possible With Home Automation?

In today’s world, protecting the home is as vital as ever. With burglars finding new ways to break in and steal valuable assets, homeowners have to step up their game. The traditional forms of protection don’t seem to be working as well anymore. Luckily, as technology progresses, the field of security takes innovation to a new level with automated houses. To better protect your home and family, consider  new security methods.

Smart Locks

With certain Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, smart locks can sense when a registered member of the home approaches and unlocks the door immediately. For those who don’t possess a smartphone, there also keys available that the lock can sense and respond to accordingly. For those who have regular guests or housekeepers that need to enter the home, they can get a digital key that one can revoke access to at any point. In this regard, one does not have to change out the locks each time one needs to restrict access.

Smart Surveillance

One of the best home safety methods is high-tech surveillance. These days, wireless cameras are all the rage. They can be easily plugged into an outlet in the wall and cover a comprehensive view of an area. Homeowners should be strategic in the placement of these smart video cameras. Keep cameras pointed at doors and windows, where intruders would enter. For those who keep their highly prized assets in a particular room, having a camera watch that area is an excellent idea as well. These cameras can send footage to a smartphone, tablet, or computer so that the homeowner can receive alerts and updates if someone comes into the house.

Smart Doorbells

Having an intelligent doorbell could be a lifesaver. These high-tech doorbells possess a camera that allows the homeowner to see who is at their door at all times. Footage can be quickly sent to phones, tablets, and cameras, so the next time anyone needs to answer the door, they can take a quick look to see just who is on the other side first. It’s a great idea if you have kids in the home or teenagers that stay alone in the house.

There are plenty of new, innovative, options to ensure the home’s safety. Find out by calling your local security company. An expert will be happy to hear you out and offer you the best possible options for protecting and automating your home for comfort.

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