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Top 4 Features to Look For in a Home Security System

When you consider a home security system, you often think of the benefits it has against break-ins and theft. However, recent technology makes it possible to incorporate other features into your security system that you may not have thought of before. Modern security systems don’t just stop at protecting against theft. Installing or upgrading your home security system gives you a more comprehensive way to protect your family and valuables. When shopping around, be sure your new home security system includes these features.


Home security systems are known for the benefits they provide to thwart home invasion. In fact, sometimes just the presence of a home security system can deter a burglar from targeting your home. A modern security system not only alerts you when a break-in occurs but allows you to monitor the break-in site through CCTV cameras.

Fire alarm

The longer it takes for a fire to be detected, the worse the damage becomes. Having a home security system with smoke and heat detection gives you those precious seconds it takes to evacuate the home and get to safety. Upgraded systems also automatically alert emergency services, protecting your valuables from extreme damage.  

Carbon monoxide detection

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas present in every home. It is a byproduct of combustion, present whenever fuel is burned. Carbon monoxide is produced by common home appliances such as gas burners, furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces. Without a carbon monoxide detector, carbon monoxide can fill the interior of the house and slowly poison those who breathe it in. A home security system with carbon monoxide detection is essential to protecting the inhabitants of your home by notifying you of the danger and alerting emergency services.

Emergency services

Should there ever be a time that something goes wrong in your home, having a home security system that automatically alerts emergency services is a must. In an emergency, every second counts. Be sure that your home security system can notify all necessary personnel when it matters most.

Having a modern and all-inclusive home security system makes all the difference in protecting your family. Before installation, always do your research and find a reputable installer to answer all your questions and concerns. The experts at Hi-Tech Security install high-quality security systems to ensure the safety of you and your home. Contact us today or call (954) 394-2292 for a free installation quote.

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