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Security camera tendencies 2017

Security camera tendencies for 2017

Security cameras are probably the easiest and the most efficient ways to enhance the security of a business, home and public places. Following series of high-profile hacks and attacks last year, security is going to be a huge trend in 2017. The High-definition, digitization and intelligence security cameras are becoming the development tendencies of security industry. From the growing pains in the conventional analog and closed-circuit cameras, to the present digital and network-based technology, change has always been a constant thing and will continue to be.

With virtually half of the year gone by, it is an appropriate time to consider where the video surveillance market is heading and highlight the vital evident trends that have come to the fore.
Outlined below are five important tendencies that will continue to shape the security camera industry in the remainder of this year and beyond.

Improvement in image quality

In this year 2017, we will continue to see improvements in image quality, cost efficiency and inbuilt intelligence. The marketplace is moving closer to full IP, which also is showing an increasingly higher penetration of small and medium-sized systems. Likewise, ease of design, setup and functionality will continue to be extremely important.

Increase in consolidation and competitions

The security camera market will continue to see strong tendencies of consolidation. This is because the present market conditions have made it extremely challenging for smaller firms to withstand the price pressures and boost their ROI. On the other hand, larger firms have considerable gained better positioning in the market. Consequently, it is very obvious that the manufacturers still standing at the end will continue to be successful with a much less scrappy market.

Increase of multi-directional and multi-sensor cameras in several new designs

Several new manufacturers have been seen to enter into the security industry that was mostly dominated by a single manufacturer. This year, we are going to see more of different security gadgets with larger megapixel, different configurations and smaller remote products.

A smart and secure digital future

With the recent increase in security threats, public safety is now in top gear. There have been technological advancements in security cameras both in the public safety command and the control centers with improved video analytics and integration between sub-systems. The video analytics is aimed to boost response times to incidents areas and to serve as a tool to help citizens. In 2017, we should expect to see a continuous increase in the acceptance of security cameras amongst the general public. Similarly, mobile security devices will likewise increase in 2017. From the regular wearable to security drones, mobile monitoring devices have the tendencies for growth in several businesses.

Increase in subscription and managed services

This year, 2017, we look forward to seeing a continuous increase in the significance of subscribed and managed services. Additionally, moving data and computations to the cloud will allow businesses to relocate a big part of their cyber security risk to firms with international teams committed to upholding data security. In the year, businesses will also concentrate more on creating thorough risk evaluation programs to assure they have got the most up-to-date technology available to combat cyber risks.

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor and data organization

We expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to be among the top reasons for data growth. The real challenge for IT experts will be to consolidate this data with large and different types of files like security cameras to facilitate combined business intelligence. This will generate a data management challenge for IT departments saddled with the responsibility of creating the infrastructure to protect and examine both the millions of IoT sensor files and the huge video data sets.

Conclusively, the need for security cameras will continue to grow in 2017. Nevertheless, price competition will remain deep and competition will also not make it easy for manufacturers to increase their revenues and margins. To discuss our security camera services, please contact us here.

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