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Properly Placing Outdoor Cameras

You may have just installed a home security system, but are you sure you placed your cameras in areas that will deter burglars? Too often, homeowners think that burglars are lazy or not smart enough. That’s not the case. Many criminals made it their job to know home security and the best ways to get around it. Sometimes, a family can take all the precautions in the world and still get robbed; however, to increase your family’s safety and the safety of your assets, consider these tips on the best places to position your cameras to deter burglars.

Front Door

While you may believe that burglars typically prefer to use the back door as opposed to the front door, that doesn’t mean they won’t try it — and it certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect that front door. With porch pirates becoming even more popular, you can protect yourself by installing a security camera seven feet above the front door at an angle. That exact position is the best way to capture their face. Since burglars don’t want to be recorded, seeing that camera front and center will keep them away from that front door.

Side and Back Doors

Their next attempt will likely be the other doors of your property. You should do the same thing as you did with the front door. If it’s possible, you should angle the camera so that it captures your windows. If you can’t manage that without risking losing a good picture, then get yourself a few more cameras. For those who have garden sheds, you may want to place a camera there as well, especially if your shed holds expensive tools.


Another key entry point that burglars may attempt to access are the first-floor windows. Have cameras stationed outside that can watch those windows and thus deter burglars from breaking into them. If you’re worried that your home will have too many cameras on the outside, then position a security camera inside of your home that’s pointed at the window. Since you’re trying to deter them, be sure the burglar can see the camera.

Contact Your Local Security Company

The best thing you can do is to call a local security company to discuss your options. Chances are, they’ve seen homes like yours and will understand your concerns. They will suggest where you can place security cameras for the maximum effect, as well as how many cameras you should get, and other programs that digitize your house.

At Hi-Tech Security, we have over 14 years of experience serving South Florida. Give Hi-Tech Security a call today at (954) 394-2292  and speak with one of our professionals about camera placement and installation. We also offer convenient online scheduling for a no-cost consultation here.

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