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Miami Beach Access Control System Installation

Miami Beach Access Control System

Just north of Miami is the city of Miami Beach. Home to more than 90,000 people and a destination for millions of travelers each year, Miami Beach is a hot spot for nightlife, dining, shopping, and entertainment. Property owners in Miami are lucky to have access to the abundance of visitors this city attracts. However, they also need to protect their property against outside threats. The answer? A technologically savvy access control system.

Access control systems are security systems that safeguard properties by monitoring specific criteria to control who enters and exits the property. ACS is a way to ensure that only those with authorization gain access to their most valuable assets as well as prevent incidents of theft and burglary.

If you’re interested in installing a top access control security system in your home or business, it’s important to understand the benefits and features it can provide.

Access Control Systems for Residential and Business Properties

One of the most basic benefits that access control systems provide is basic surveillance. When paired with access control devices and other beneficial technology, security cameras help keep unwanted visitors out. The type of camera you choose is highly dependent on the architecture of your home and your specific needs. 

Popular camera choices for in-home and business access control systems include:

  • Hidden cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Mini cameras
  • Box-style cameras
  • PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras


These camera options are highly sought after and provide the ability to screen footage in real-time and store and review footage with our easy to use video systems

How Access Control Systems Can Benefit Miami Beach Businesses

Access control devices allow business owners to issue clearance to their employees and approved visitors with the help of simple programming. When business owners partner with Hi-Tech Security, they’re offered multiple options for access control.

What type of access devices can I choose for my access control system?

  • Proximity card readers
  • Biometric readers
  • PIN codes

If you want to know what type of access control device, you should choose for your property consult a local Miami Beach security system expert. 

Popular Access Control System Features

Property owners today are busier than ever. They need to be able to monitor the safety of their property in a manner that’s easy and efficient. To provide the features that business owners need, Hi-Tech Security offers many additional benefits. If you’re interested in installing your own access control system, you’ll need to know the benefits available to you.

What features do I need for my access control system?

  • Detailed user logs
  • Personnel access and restrictions
  • Simplified controls
  • Easy updates

The versatility offered by access control systems makes it possible for business owners and homeowners with budgets of all sizes to afford the best security. To learn more about the importance of access control systems and how they can be customized to meet individual needs, contact the trusted security installation professionals at Hi-Tech Security.

Reliable Miami Beach Access Control System Installation

Hi-Tech Security has been serving people by providing expert guidance for all their security needs. All security systems at Hi-Tech are low voltage certified and follow the National Electric Code and its standards. Hi-Tech also offers a lifetime technical support guarantee. That means if your system needs repairs, you never have to go without the security your business needs. 

Hi-Tech Security is a reputable security system installation company in Miami Beach, Florida for businesses large and small. For more than 14 years, whether you need help controlling access to your building or upgrading your security cameras, we have the technology to build a custom system that delivers beyond your expectations.

Call our office today at 954-394-2292 or contact us online to schedule your free installation quote. There’s no better time than now to start protecting your business.

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Features to look for in your Access Control System:

  • MAG LOCK’s vs. Door Strike’s:
    Electronic MAGLOCK’s tend to protect entry into doors from unauthorized individuals with great success, due to the fact of being able to protect a door from up to 1200LBS of Pressure. While Door Strikes work great for interior doors or small offices,yet they do not have the same industrial strength as MAG LOCK’s (which are more likely to work in any environment or application.)
  • Pin Code / Proximity Card Readers vs. Biometric Readers:
    For Basic Access Control Security and Protection, Pin Code / Proximity Card Readers work great. They give the customer the option of either or both giving out Pin Codes for accessing a door or going with specific proximity cards. For the ultimate in Access Control Security with the highest level of security protection to any door, going with Biometric (Finger Print) Readers is ALWAYS Highly Recommended!
  • Stand Alone System Vs. Server Based System:
    A Stand Alone System is recommended for basic systems with only a few doors. This feature saves and stores all Pin Code and Proximity Card Information on each reader only. While, a Server Based System is for a more sophisticated system that gives the customer the ability to ADD, EDIT and DELETE User’s and User Information (such as User Name’s, User Pin Code’s and User Proximity Cards) at will from a Server Based Software Program.
  • Request to Exit:
    Any Professional Grade Access Control System must have either, if not both a Request To Exit Button and a Motion Activated Motion Sensor that will automatically release any MAG LOCK or Door Stike installed on a any specific door.
  • Licensed & Insured?:
    Make sure the Security Company that is installing your Access Control System is both State Licensed and Insured! Yes, Hi Tech Security is State Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida and is a Certified Low Voltage Electrical Contractor.

Why Choose Hi-Tech Security vs. other companies?

  1. In Business for Over 11 years, Since 2005
  2. We are State Licensed & Insured
  3. We are Certified Low Voltage Electrical Contractors in the State of Florida
  4. We are Certified Security Installers of Sony, Hikvision, Honeywell and Digital Watchdog CCTV Security Products
  5. Office & Showroom Located at 3411 Powerline Rd. #706, Oakland Park, FL 33309
  6. We offer Lifetime Technical Support
  7. We follow ALL NEC (National Electrical Code) Industry Standards

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