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Coral Springs is a thriving community offering residents many amenities. Homeowners in this southwestern Florida community include young professionals and new families who can considerably benefit from home automation. The ability to control WiFi, lighting, and home security systems from virtually anywhere is an appealing feature in a modern household.

Today’s cutting-edge technological advances in home security and automation have led many homeowners to discover the convenience and advantages of controlling their home from the palm of their hand. Hi-Tech Security offers a variety of automation packages that will make your Coral Springs home one of the future.

Coral Springs Smart Home Automation

Our variety of services will not only make your home fully-automated but easy to manage. Hi-Tech Security offers many types of systems that are ideal for any household. You don’t have to let your busy schedule get in the way of checking on your property. Our automation installers can roll out your new system quickly so that you only need to worry about monitoring and controlling your home with a simple click of a button.

Some of the many automated services we can implement throughout your house could include:

We can coordinate these systems according to your needs so that you have the ultimate home automation experience. Simply manage our system from everyday devices like your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. We take our time to teach you how to use the highest quality technology for your home and provide customer support every step of the way. Hi-Tech Security is a certified installer of:

Important Features for a Home Automation System

There are some important features to keep in mind when trying to decide on the automation package that is right for your home. You should consider more than the ability to remotely turn off your house lights from work. It’s important to know whether your system will remain updated over time. Here are a few key things to consider when deciding on your home automation options:

Interoperability – One of the key features of a good automation system is its ability to connect different electronic devices together and have them work in unison as a larger system.

Expandability – How you live now versus five years from now could change significantly. You might decide to convert your basement into a home office. This is why it is important your automation system can easily expand into those areas.

Upgradeability – In today’s automation market, software is the key ingredient to a successful home automation package. Before you buy, make sure the manufacturer offers software updates.

Remote access – Remote capabilities are essential in today’s technological world. They allow you to control your home’s environment from your favorite device like a laptop or cell phone.

Qualified Dealer –  Top-notch home automation manufacturers offer continuing education and training of their dealers so you have the best installation possible.

Licensed and Insured – Make sure your CCTV Security Camera Installation Company is both State Licensed and Insured! Yes, Hi-Tech Security is State Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida and is a Certified Low Voltage Electrical Contractor.

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Features to look for in your Security Camera System

Is this security camera system HD 1080P Video Quality?:
As of today, HD 1080P Video Quality has become the NEW Standard for all CCTV Security Camera Systems! Analog Systems are no longer being manufactured by the manufacturers and distributors are no longer carrying stock of any Analog Systems.

TVI or IP System:
TVI Systems are Great HD 1080P Systems that allow HD Over Coax Video Transmissions (Compatible with RG59 Wiring). Very Affordable Systems that are NOT dependent on the Internet, Network Bandwidth Speeds and DO NOT REQUIRE Network Hardware such as Network Switchs or Network Infrastructures. IP Systems deliver HD 1080P Video Quality and HIGHER, yet use ONLY CAT5E or CAT6 Digital Network Cable, require excellent Network Bandwidth Connections, Require Network Switches and sometimes a separate Localized Network. Both technologies are excellent security solutions, yet both technologies are for specific security applications!

Video Storage:
The amount of recording time you need for your specific security needs is extremely important! The more video storage that is available or that can be added to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a very crucial and critical feature to any CCTV Security Camera System. Always consult with a CCTV Security Expert about Digital Hard Drives available or that can be added to your system!

Do I have the right type of Security Camera?:
Always consult with your Security Camera Expert about your Security Objectives for capturing the correct video coverage areas or angles first to determine the right type of Security Camera’s to purchase and use for your system. (Yes, there are many types of different security cameras for different applications!)
Length of Warranty:
Depending on the brand of Security Camera’s purchased you may have a 2, 3 or even 5 Year Warranty for your system.

Licensed & Insured?:
Make sure your CCTV Security Camera Installation Company is both State Licensed and Insured! Yes, Hi Tech Security is State Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida and is a Certified Low Voltage Electrical Contractor.

Quality Home Automation in Coral Springs

For the past 14 years, Hi-Tech Security has proudly served the Coral Springs community. Our reputation demonstrates our determination to provide our clients with automation services that are not only easy to access, but give peace of mind.

Our team of educated professionals is trained on all things from security systems to home automation, so you can be assured Hi-Tech Security will do the job right.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. All of our installers are low-voltage contractors and abide by the standards of the National Electric Code (NEC). We also offer lifetime technical support on all installations. Contact us at (954) 394-2292 or online to get your free installation quote today.