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Why Guard Dogs Aren’t an Effective Security System

Although there’s a lot of home security technology out there, a lot of people still choose to rely on an age-old method: a guard dog.

We’re a society who loves dogs… and that’s okay! While it’s great to have a loving pet, you should remember that your dog is still just a dog, and isn’t a replacement for a burglary alarm.

We’re not saying that guard dogs can never be useful, but they aren’t a foolproof solution to burglars. In other words, you shouldn’t harbor misconceptions about the effectiveness of only having your guard dog as your entire home security system.

Don’t Rely on a Dog to be Your Burglary System

First of all, a dog should be a member of the family that you want to keep safe from burglars, not send at them. Someone entering your home may be armed, and have awful intentions. You don’t want to sacrifice your pet in the name of security. Accidents can happen, of course, even with a technologically apt system, but there’s a much smaller chance your pet will get hurt in the process.

A guard dog is prone to errors. For instance, while one burglar might hate dogs and might be scared off by their loud barking, snarling, and biting, others might be dog charmers. You’d be surprised just how many successful burglaries there are because the burglar was a dog whisperer who happened to successfully win over the very animal that was supposed to keep him out.

Guard Dog Misconceptions

If you’re relying on your dog as a home security system, it might be good to dispense with some of the misconceptions surrounding the effectiveness of a guard dog.

Dogs bark at everything, so they’re just as good as alarms. When an alarm goes off all the time, you tend to become desensitized to it. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. If the alarm is always going off and it’s nothing, then you won’t know when it is something serious and could fail to take action when something dangerous is going on.

Home Security to Keep Your Family and Pets Safe

While dogs are a deterrent for some burglars, you shouldn’t rely on them. Your dog shouldn’t have to face physical harm to protect you if there are other options. Scaring off burglars with a dog before they enter is excellent, but if the worst does happen and they get past your pooch, you’re going to want a high-tech burglary system.

If you already have a dog, use it in combination with the system. Two ways to protect your home are better than one.

Hi-Tech Security offers you a comprehensive security system round the clock that you can count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rest easy knowing that you and your pet are safe and prepared for any emergency.

Hi-Tech Security has served the South Florida area for the past 12 years and has experience installing up-to-date security systems in both residences and businesses. We also offer lifetime technical support on all installations! Contact our office at (954) 394-2292 to learn more and receive a free quote.

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