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A phantom burglar breaks into the house

Former Burglars Say That Barking Dogs and CCTV are the Best Deterrent

According to a survey by Co-op Insurance, closed-circuit video systems and the presence of dogs are the two biggest deterrents for would-be burglars. After interviewing 12 former crooks, Co-op found that most thieves are opportunists, looking to avoid difficult home invasions that might attract unwanted attention.

This interesting information is helping homeowners around the world protect their homes, families, and property.

Prowlers Hate Noise

Not wanting to get caught, these criminals search for the proper house to target. They may notice that the owners are on vacation or look for people who obviously don’t lock their gates or doors. Other deterrents cited in the research included sturdy or heavy doors, secured windows, and a television or other noise that indicates the presence of a resident. The burglars mentioned throughout the survey that they want to be in and out in five minutes with whatever valuables they can grab, so taking steps to slow them down can keep your property safe.

When it comes to your car, good deterrents include parking near streetlights or in a driveway. An alarm system can also keep criminals from attempting to break into your vehicle. They are more likely to break into a car parked in a dark area, or if they notice valuables such as jewelry, cash, and electronics. It’s vital to take all essential items with you and avoid the temptation to leave them sitting in your car.

Smart Homes Get Burglarized Less

Most of the former thieves that participated in the survey say that smart technology is a huge deterrent, whether installed in a home or vehicle. Many homes are now coming equipped with smart-home systems, that allow you to control everything from your doors to your stove, all with your phone. Even when you’re not in your residence, smart technology and CCTV cameras will notify you right away if anything sets off their motion detectors.

Break-Ins are Preventable

Co-Op Insurance also conducted a study with more than 1,000 homeowners and found that:

  • 28 percent of families in the UK took no action to protect their homes and vehicles from break-ins
  • 55 percent said they sleep with windows open at night
  • 24 percent leave their doors unlocked when home
  • 12 percent leave their gates unlatched

Also, some of the participants in the survey mentioned that, as criminals, they specifically look through social media for leads. Posting vacation pictures while you’re abroad is an invitation to crooks.

Take Action to Safeguard Your Home With an Alarm System

Considering the information, homeowners can take several easy steps to prevent thieves from breaking in. Whether this involves installing a sophisticated security system or leaving the TV on when you’re not home, you’re making your home more secure.

With over 14 years of service in the South Florida area, Hi-Tech Security provides and installs only the best and up-to-date security systems in order to provide you and your family with peace of mind. Contact our expert installers today to learn more about the unmatched benefits of a quality security system and receive a free installation quote for your residence.

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