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is home automation worth it?

Demand for Home Automation Expected to Rise

With practically everyone owning a smartphone these days, home automation has become a natural next step. Connecting that smartphone to other devices and appliances within the home has given consumers a new sense of luxurious living. The craving for that luxury hasn’t stopped either. With new home automation inventions occurring almost every day, it’s becoming more and more commonplace to install these features inside the house.

Statistica’s research shows that smart home automation is rapidly growing around the world. The United States rakes in most of the profits. Experts predict that the industry will make $20 billion in the US by the end of 2019, with estimated yearly growth at 22 percent.

Giving People What They Want

The lighting sector of home automation has seen tremendous growth. There is an increasing demand for lighting technology that reduces the amount of energy used in the home. People have loved the idea of turning their lights on and off with a simple command since the rise of The Clapper in the 1990s. Now, Alexa and her compatriots can take care of that.

While smart lighting is the most popular form of home automation, many individuals count on their security company to install smart cameras throughout the house. Recording devices can alert the homeowner right away if there’s a break-in or some other disturbance throughout the day. Parents can easily keep an eye on their kids if they’re home alone and make sure they are staying safe.

Smart home devices can even help out in the kitchen. Connecting appliances to an AI system means you can do your laundry, keep track of the food in the oven, and lock the door whenever you want.

Preferences for Easy Living Push the Demand

Allowing technology to take care of a lot of immediate needs gives people the feeling that they’re living in the lap of luxury. Who doesn’t want the ability to control the lighting, turn the stove on and off, and play music with a simple voice command? It makes sense that this is the direction technology is taking.

For many individuals, being able to connect appliances like the security system, TV, and other devices to a smartphone has been a godsend. It has made life simpler and given people control over their lives and home. This is especially important for those who feel that their lives are already busy enough. The desire to further streamline and connect devices and electronics to their smartphone is what is driving innovation in the home automation market, and we’re about to see a host of updates in the coming years.

Call a Local Home Security Installation Expert

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