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5 Ways Home Automation Helps the Environment

Modern homes continuously consume energy. To reduce a home’s carbon footprint, families should work together to minimize their home’s energy usage and protect the environment. Home automation devices provide a fun and convenient way to run a house efficiently while staying green.

Track Energy Usage

Homeowners should be diligent about tracking the energy their homes use. An excellent way to do that is by looking at monthly utility bills. Your bills should specify where most of your power goes. Usually, it’s on heating and cooling. When a homeowner installs home automation technology, they will be able to monitor their home’s energy usage and make needed adjustments. Tracking gets done in real time, for practical solutions.

Invest in New Lighting

Using incandescent light bulbs accounts for over 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions that come from power plants. They consume and waste energy. Investing in smart light bulbs will save homeowners money and protects the environment. Owners can even put these bulbs on a schedule, which will conserve even more energy, or turn off the lights with a touch of a button when their families are not at home.

Purchase Smart Plugs

Using smart plugs allows homeowners to turn off plugs when appliances are not in use. It’s a great way to control the amount of energy used in a home. Smart plugs only allow electronic devices to consume power when they are actually in use.

Conserve Water

Installing smart irrigation systems will prevent continued water waste. Studies estimate that one-third of the water used in American households goes to maintaining lawns, meaning that over 8,000 gallons of water can be conserved per household each year. The smart technology associated with irrigation systems uses just the right amount of water to maintain a healthy lawn and even tracks local weather.

Monitor and Control the Thermostat

Using default settings on a home thermostat is not an efficient way to maintain a comfortable temperature. A smart thermostat will adjust the temperature based on outdoor humidity, the time and season, and if someone is at home. A homeowner has full control over their thermostat using their smartphone.

Families across the United States can do a lot to reduce the carbon footprint of their home. Home automation devices monitor the amount of energy your home is using and helps you find new ways to conserve it.

Home Automation Installers

There is no doubt that home automation can benefit the environment in a variety of ways. If you’re ready to protect the earth through home automation, contact Hi-Tech Security today. We use only the highest quality home automation systems that provide you with top-notch service.

Hi-Tech Security has over 12 years of experience giving South Florida residents the security and home automation solutions they need. All of our installers are low-voltage contractors and abide by the standards of the National Electric Code (NEC). We also offer lifetime technical support on all installations. Contact our expert installers at (954) 394-2292 to get your free installation quote today.

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