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3 Tips to Add Extra Layers to Your Home’s Security

Home security technology is a growing state-of-the-art industry that can defend your family against criminals, so  you’ll want to take the necessary steps that you can to make your home safer than ever. Burglars are smarter than people typically give them credit for, and as a result, homeowners often leave their homes vulnerable to intrusion. To make sure you’re not a victim of theft, consider these tips to fortify your home security.


While you may not have considered that adding a few lights could serve as a deterrent for criminal activity, it does! Burglars keep to the shadows to better protect their identities. You can remove those shadows by adding in strategically-placed lighting fixtures around your home. These fixtures should illuminate access points to your home, such as doors and windows. You should also be sure they’re set to stay on throughout the night. Equipping them with motion sensors can alert the burglar and scare them off of your property.


If burglars attempt to pick your lock, your door can easily open without a heavy-duty lock to stump them. This is why having multiple padlocks on your doors is essential. Each latch requires time to pick, and time for a burglar is extraordinarily limited. If they see they have to unlock a series of locks to access your home, they’ll move on to another house that is less guarded. No unlocked lock is helpful, though, so be sure you always lock your house up whether you’re popping out for a few minutes or heading to work.

Home Security

Perhaps one of the best defensive measures you can take is installing a home security system in your home. There are plenty of options these days, and the technology keeps getting better and better. With cameras installed throughout your home and on the outside, you’re sure to deter any possible robbers from entering your home. If they do break-in, those cameras will give the police the edge they need to capture them and seek justice.

Home Security and Automation at your Fingertips

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